Commercial Buildings

Our innovative solution is designed for smart and sustainable buildings, presenting a compact design with minimal space requirements. Ideal for both new multi-use constructions and established commercial developments seeking economical waste management, our offering ensures immediate operational cost reductions with a modest capital investment. Clients can seamlessly enhance their energy efficiency or meet and surpass current standards, all while benefiting from a cutting-edge waste management solution that aligns with government green incentives and tax credits.


Our innovative solution is an excellent candidate for the hospitality industry because it requires less capital. With constant electric and thermal demands, it not only cuts operating costs but also provides a unique waste management solution, particularly for food waste. By cooperating with us, you can eliminate the risks of blackouts and intermittent power supply that come with other renewable options.  


Our innovative solution is designed to help plantations reduce their waste transportation costs. Our waste-to-energy byproduct, biochar fertiliser is suitable for use on a wide variety of plants. It is formulated to retain essential nutrients for healthy plant growth and development, as well as improve soil quality. It is unique in that it is made from recycled organic waste, is environmentally friendly, and can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. 


Our innovative solution can help landfill operations continuously play their role in providing an essential service to our communities. However, there is a significant increase in recyclable and organic waste entering landfills and this has resulted in more methane emissions and wasted value. Our technology’s combined heat and power capabilities offer a cost-effective solution to generate energy from unrecyclable waste and its byproducts. 

Street Market

Our innovative solution can assist local municipal councils in managing public littering, particularly food waste at market sites such as agro markets, night markets and Ramadhan bazaars. Food waste can be converted into fertilizer through composting, which is an effective and eco-friendly way of disposing of food waste. This process helps reduce carbon footprint and waste sent to landfills.