What is EcoSfera?

EcoSfera is a containerised, on-site waste conversion system to produce on-demand electricity and valuable byproducts.

What are the byproducts of EcoSfera?

The byproducts are syngas for electricity generation, biochar based fetiliser and biocal pellets.

What is syngas?

Syngas, short for synthesis gas, is a fuel gas mixture primarily composed of hydrogen (H2) and carbon monoxide (CO). Other gases such as carbon dioxide (CO2), methane (CH4) and nitrogen (N2) can also be present in varying quantities within the syngas mixture and depending on the type of waste.

Is EcoSfera's fertiliser suitable for use with any type of plant? 

Our fertiliser contains biochar as the key ingredient that is suitable for use on a wide variety of plants, including fruits, vegetables, flowers, and woody trees. It is formulated to retain essential nutrients for healthy plant growth and development. Nonetheless, we can also customize the formulation to suit the existing soil condition (e.g. acidity) for best results. 

What is the advantage of EcoSfera's fertiliser compared to other fertilisers?

EcoSfera's fertiliser is unique in that it is made from recycled organic waste, it is not only good for plants, but it is also good for the environment. Additionally, our fertiliser is slow-release, which means that it provides nutrients to your plants for a longer period of time. Also, our fertiliser contains biochar that can generate carbon credits to further support its applications for agriculture.

Which particular location would be ideal for EcoSfera deployment?

At the moment, ideal location for deployment is where there is abundant waste material source, and high demand of electricity and fertilisers, such as commercial/office buildings, retail lots, industrial areas, recycling centers and warehouses, as well as agricultural or plantation fields.

What is the size of the EcoSfera and how much waste can it process in a day?

EcoSfera containers are available in a 40-footer size, having the capacity to process 5 tonnes to 50 tonnes of waste per day and generate up to 150kWh of electricity per container. 

What kinds of waste can be processed by EcoSfera?

EcoSfera can handle a variety of mixed, unsorted materials including agricultural and forestry leftovers, industrial and commercial waste (paper, plastics, rubber) and general household waste (municipal waste).

What kinds of waste cannot be processed by EcoSfera?

EcoSfera cannot process schedule waste, electronics waste, metals, concretes and rocks/stones.