Empowering Sustainability, Creating Value

Tigasfera Sdn. Bhd. is a material conversion technology and service provider with a game-changing solution: a modular and decentralized waste-to-energy solution. We developed a distributed energy systems that convert waste at the point it is generated into energy at the point it is needed. With an extensive network of partners, experts and early adopters, we aim to be the company of choice when it comes to waste management, energy generation and decarbonisation innovative solutions.  

Our business objective would support the United Nations and the Malaysian Government's Sustainable Development Goals by revolutionizing waste management and creating a sustainable solution for business entities and communities. In an era where sustainability and environmental consciousness are paramount, waste management stands as a critical challenge that demands innovative solutions. Forward-thinking organizations and communities are increasingly recognizing the immense potential of a paradigm shift towards waste-to-energy, a revolutionary approach that not only reduces costs and emissions but also empowers entities to unlock the hidden value within their waste.


The conventional approach to waste management involves transporting vast quantities of waste to landfills or transfer stations, incurring significant logistics costs and contributing to carbon emissions. This approach often results in a complex sorting process at these central locations, making recycling and resource recovery a cumbersome task. This game-changing concept has the potential to reshape waste management as we know it. By processing waste closer to its point of origin, organizations and communities can achieve substantial cost savings while simultaneously reducing their carbon footprint. Waste is less co-mingled, simplifying the sorting process and promoting efficient recycling practices.


The cornerstone of this innovative approach lies in adopting cleaner and more sustainable technologies, namely Pyrolysis and Gasification, as alternatives to traditional incineration. These cutting-edge technologies enable the transformation of organic waste into valuable resources, such as biochar and syngas, with minimal harmful emissions. What sets these technologies apart is their "closed-loop" and "self-powered" characteristics. Closed-loop systems minimize waste by recycling and reusing materials within the process, while self-powered systems generate their energy, reducing reliance on external power sources. Moreover, Pyrolysis and Gasification play a pivotal role in decarbonization by producing renewable energy sources, including hydrogen and renewable natural gas.


Versatility is key in waste management, and "Treatment at Source" embraces this principle wholeheartedly. With modular and scalable designs, these systems can adapt to varying waste volumes and types, ensuring optimal resource utilization. Their mobility to waste sources means that solutions can be deployed precisely where they are needed most, addressing localized waste challenges with precision. These systems have a remarkably small area requirement, making them suitable for urban environments and land-scarce regions. What's more, they boast a rapid deployment time of just 3-6 months, offering agility in responding to evolving waste management needs.


Beyond the tangible benefits of cost savings and emissions reduction, our solution empowers organizations and communities to unlock the latent potential within their waste streams. It enables entities to extract value from their waste, fostering sustainability and resource independence. The impact is not only substantial but also measurable and trackable, allowing organizations to quantify their environmental contributions and optimize their waste management operations further. Moreover, community programs can thrive, promoting environmental awareness and cooperation among residents and stakeholders.

Our approach represents a groundbreaking leap towards a sustainable, cost-effective, and environmentally responsible waste management future. By embracing cleaner technologies, flexibility, and empowerment, organizations and communities can take the lead in shaping a cleaner, greener world while deriving tangible benefits for themselves and their surroundings. Join the movement, and let's revolutionize waste management together.


Our innovation involves a practical and integrated approach towards waste-to-value, renewable energy, and decarbonisation - the three spheres which Tigasfera tackles simultaneously. 


We believe in the power of innovation to drive positive change. Our commitment to sustainability goes beyond just minimizing our environmental footprint; it extends to transforming waste into value. We understand that waste is not just a problem to be managed but an opportunity to create meaningful solutions. 

Renewable Energy

We believe in turning challenges into opportunities. Our commitment to sustainability extends to how we manage waste, not just as a problem to solve, but as a valuable resource for energy generation. Through cutting-edge technologies and innovative practices, we are proud to lead the way in transforming waste into a clean and efficient source of power. 


We are committed to pioneering sustainable solutions that go beyond traditional waste management. One of our key initiatives is decarbonisation from waste – a strategic effort to reduce carbon emissions and build a cleaner, more sustainable future. By innovatively repurposing waste materials, we are actively contributing to a low-carbon economy. 


Tigasfera is dedicated to making a positive impact on the world by aligning our practices with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). A key focus area for us is the sustainable development aspect of waste-to-energy, where we leverage innovation to address global challenges and contribute to a more sustainable future.

By transforming waste into energy, we actively support SDGs related to clean energy, responsible consumption and production, climate action, and sustainable communities. Our waste-to-energy initiatives exemplify our commitment to fostering a circular economy and advancing the global agenda for sustainable development.

Five of the seventeen SDGs are addressed by Tigasfera:

No.7: Affordable and Clean Energy

Harnessing the potential within waste to generate clean and affordable energy. Our waste-to-energy projects play a vital role in expanding access to sustainable power sources, especially in communities where reliable energy access is a challenge.

No.11: Sustainable Cities and Communities

Our waste-to-energy projects contribute to creating sustainable and resilient communities. By providing cleaner energy solutions and promoting circular economy practices, we actively participate in building cities and communities that are environmentally friendly and socially inclusive.

No.12: Responsible Consumption and Production

Our waste-to-energy practices promote responsible consumption and production by reducing the volume of waste sent to landfills. Through efficient waste management and resource recovery, we minimize environmental impact and support a more sustainable approach to consumption and production.

No.13: Climate Action

We actively combat climate change by reducing carbon emissions through our waste-to-energy initiatives. By diverting waste from traditional disposal methods and generating energy, we contribute to a lower carbon footprint and support global efforts to address climate change.

No.15: Life on Land

Our waste-to-energy practices play a crucial role in aligning with this goal by mitigating the environmental impact of waste while simultaneously contributing to the health and resilience of our planet's diverse ecosystems.