We are developing a solution to transform your waste at your site into energy and sustainable byproducts and divert them from landfill. In collaboration with our Japanese technology partner, Yamato International and BioNextG from Universiti Malaysia Terengganu, the decentralised 'treatment-at-source' solution is believed to be the first such project in Malaysia, with huge potential to solve the inherent waste management issues and to scale up within the region.

We are helping businesses and organisations that require waste disposal and alternative renewable power, especially those who have committed to sustainability targets and are environmentally conscious.

Our solution won the SMG Innovation Challenge organised by MaGIC and Selangor Maritime Gateway (SMG) and was selected to be part of the Social Impact Challenge Accelerator Program organised by MaGIC with 500Global and UNDP.

Join us on our "Hero-for-NetZero" journey as we take deliberate steps towards achieving Zero Waste and Net Zero Carbon. 


Introducing EcoSfera 1.0, a containerised, on-site waste conversion system to produce on-demand energy and valuable byproducts. It can take both organic and inorganic waste and turn it into combustible SynGas*, to generate electricity and bio-carbon for agriculture and power plants.

EcoSfera 1.0 employs cutting-edge gasification and pyrolysis technology which is cleaner than conventional incinerators and diesel generators. Customers will be able to benefit from this technology to divert waste away from open dumps and landfills, which in turn helps in reducing methane emissions from landfills, offsetting fossil fuel-based power generation and reducing emissions associated with waste transportation and disposal. 

The Waste-to-Energy containerised box that can be placed at the customers’ premises and comes in either a 20-footer or a 40-footer container, with a capability to process 5 tonnes to 50 tonnes of waste per day and create up to 150kWh of power per container.

By treating at source, we can reduce transportation costs and emissions by half and reduce the hassle of sorting as it’s less co-mingled at source. Customers can now track where their waste goes and measure the impact for sustainability and compliance purposes. EcoSfera 1.0 modular design is able to scale according to customer’s demand and deploy the solution within just 6 months.

* SynGas also known as Synthesis Gas, is a flammable gas that can be used as a fuel.